Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Chilean Treat

Matt has a friend whose mother is a South American native. Together, they made a special treat for him and brought it to share (along with some photos from a visit to Santiago). The treat was a famous Chilean dessert called "Torta de Mil Hojas" (thousand-leaf cake). There weren't quite a thousand leaves, but there were probably about a dozen — separated by rich caramel. It was VERY tasty, and they told us it gets better as it ages a few days.

One of the funnest things about traveling and experiencing new cultures is to discover their cuisine. We hope Matt learns to love Chilean food, and that we have the chance to learn through him. If today's treat was indicative, we'll have many pleasant experiences in the future!

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  1. So let it age until Saturday and I'll let you know if it's still good!