Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 update

We were a little sad not to get any photos today; we've been spoiled recently! The photo to the right is one I don't think I posted previously. It shows the group of missionaries who arrived in Chile with Matt on May 13, taken in front of the Santiago temple. Many of these were his companions or district in the MTC.

Matt really seems to enjoy his situation in Cartagena. He and Elder Mecham are living with another pair of missionaries, Elders McKay and Marquez. They all seem to get along great. They are speculating that one of the other companionship will be transferred in the upcoming "change" (6-week period). And then, Elder Mecham will be going home after the next "change." So there will definitely be some new experiences in the future!

Here was one comment on the status of the work (in his inimitable style):
something was wrong with this week and barely anyone was home for example when i first got here there were about 85 people in church this week there were... 30 so everyone is gone for some reason but hopfully they'll be coming back this next week. we have talked to a less active member though his name is aldo. his brother is actually in the stake presidency. (1st counselor the best calling ever right dad haha) anyways so for some unknown reason to me aldo stopped going to church. so we invited him back (haha more as a joke to see what he would say) and he said he would like to! i was suprised. everytime we walked by his house (he fixes furniture so he's always outside) we'd remind him about church. we had a sita (date) set to visit him on saturday. so we did and he said he had a lot of work to do but that he was going to get up early so he could maybe go to church. when we went to pick him up the next day... he wasn't there. his son said that he went to go to a mechanical shop to buy some things
Missionaries have to deal with that kind of disappointment a lot. Someone seems to be sincere and progressing, and you get your hopes up; but then all too often, you're disappointed when they don't follow through. But it's worth the wait for the times when someone does follow through!

Then this additional note:
on a happier note. one of our favorite people to visit is a recent convert. Fresia. haha she's really nice. her daughter isn't a member but she often sits in for some of the lessons. we visited her yesterday and we taught a lesson. elder mecham has been teaching them how to remember the ten commandments with hand movement things. haha he always shows them one per visit. haha but this time Fresia's daughter, Marcela wanted to see two. Elder Mecham agreed to. IF she came to church. haha she promised that she would. so we'll see how that turns out. hopefully good.

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