Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8 update

Elder Kenison writes this week that he and his companion are spending some good time with recent converts and inactive members. In addition, they have a new investigator, a woman named Rosa, whom they found tracting. Matt noticed that the only people they were teaching in apartment buildings lived on the top floors, so when they were knocking, Matt joked with his companion that they should just do the top floors. They did, and Rosa invited them in to teach her!

We were glad to hear him report that he's understanding a lot more Spanish. He describes conversing with the members in Church and occasionally misunderstanding them, but he's definitely making progress in his Spanish skills!

We asked for some photos of his apartment. There are four elders living here — Matt says it's small but comfortable. He also sent a photo of one of his favorite desserts, called "manjar y manzanas" — apples with caramel "except manjar is better that carmel haha"

For today's P-day activity, his zone of missionaries played soccer on the beach (he promised they did NOT go swimming!). Looks like a spectacular setting, and they obviously had a lot of fun:


  1. What a gorgeous beach! Looks a bit like Southern California. Nice digs, too. However, at first I thought that was a big tapeworm on his manzanas. Took me a moment to realize it was carmel!

  2. It is a very nice beach. He looks like he's having too much fun to be on a mission.