Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7 update

As of this coming Friday, Elder Kenison will have completed a fourth of his mission — six months down, eighteen to go! Time seems to be going by quickly for us. We think it is for Matt too.

Apparently it's been a wet week in Chile. Matt's gotten over his bronchitis, but his companion, Elder Mejia, has been sick this week. And the extra rains brought their own challenges:
my week..... haha well this week has really been interesting. it's been hard because it's been raining a lot. i mean. A LOT. and so there has also been lots of mud. haha and added on that we have one of the hilliest (that is so a word. along with Frailed haha) we just have a very hilly area. so it's been a fun challenge trying to walk up all these "dirt" hills. haha.
We were pleased to hear there has been some more progress with investigators:
Natalia and Olga are progressing. Natalia said that she wants to be baptized haha she hasn't even attended church haha. Marcela is... well being stubborn. haha i mean she knows just as much as a member of the church (except for what it feels like to be baptized. haha) and she just doesn't want to stop seeing her boyfriend. which is a problem because he's married. haha kinda crazy
on another note Familia Godoy is progressing great. they should be getting married soon and then afterwards baptized i hope it all works out. haha
This was a cute story about a Sunday testimony meeting:
oh sunday was cool. all of us missionaries bore our testimony. haha it was funny, everyone stared at me when i got up. haha "he barely knows spanish" haha i made everyone laugh though because i kept messing up it was funny. luckily my companion went afterwards to bring the spirit back haha. also one of the investigators of Elder Rawlins and Elder Romero bore his testimony. i got a little of what he said but not a lot. haha
more.... haha i don't know. it's been fun. it's going to be hard if i leave Cartagena. i love the people here so much. haha :D
The photos of the day came from a zone activity on the beach. We're not sure where this took place (near his area, or somewhere up north??), but it looks like they had a great time, as always. In the first, Matt is with Elder Somoza, a missionary he seems to really enjoy being with:

This one was labeled "The missionaries of the coast!"

Finally, this little extra note and photo that went just to Mom. They had the desired result of choking her up big time:
so everyone was doing this with their girlfriends name haha well I don't have a girlfriend but i do have someone waiting for me. haha My mom (aka you) so I decided to do the same but with someone more important :D thanks for everything mom you're the greatest. :D


  1. Ahhhh, that last picture choked ME up!

  2. Yeah, that last picture is awesome! :) What a nice gift to his mom. :)

  3. The members must love this guy!
    Hard to believe it's been six months already.