Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31 update

Elder Kenison didn't have a lot to say this week, but he sent some great photos! This was his explanation:
well i had the debate today... long explainations or pictures... i picked pictures this time. haha sorry.
He's getting along great with Elder Mejia, his companion from Honduras. Here are some photos (click to view larger):

It sounds like they are making good progress with some of their investigators, and we're hoping for an announcement soon. One couple they are teaching need to get married before the family can be baptized; that's often an issue in Latin countries due to complications and restrictions on divorce and remarriage.

Here's another nice shot of the four missionaries living in Cartagena, in front of a blustery-looking beach: Elder Romero (from Chile), Elder Rawlins (from Texas), Elder Mejia (from Honduras), and Elder Kenison:

They are approaching the end of winter. He commented that it seemed quite a bit warmer this week; that should help him get over his cough (still lingering from the bronchitis). People seem to be returning from their winter vacations; Matt commented:
umm something cool we had 106 people attend church this last sunday. the most since i've been here
Having the ward grow in strength and attendance will help the missionary work!

I wrote Matt a note this week telling him to be on the watch for a "distant relative" who recently arrived in his mission. Elder DeLong is the nephew of my sister on her husband's side, from Minnesota. We had learned that Elder DeLong's first companion was Elder McKay, who was living in the same house where Matt is for the first 6 weeks he was in Chile. Matt wrote:
also elder delong. haha we had a zone meeting and i saw elder Mckay. then i saw his companion. and i thought... 'humm what if?' then he said 'hey you're elder kenison! we're related!!! haha' pretty cool. i included a picture.

We are looking forward to another encounter in the future when one of Matt's friends, a neighbor of ours, Sam Poulsen, arrives in the Santiago West mission!

Here's one final photo for this week of our favorite missionary, engaged in two of his favorite activities: eating and writing in his journal:

Oh, and then this cute note to end on. Apparently someone was playing some music in the Internet Cafe where they were typing their emails:
GOSH I JUST GOT SO TRUNKY!!!! so people here like music in english too haha and right now Dust In The Wind is playing... :( I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!
(Mom has been known to crank up the volume when listening to that song at home...)


  1. I love reading what you post about Matt. He is so honest and genuine. It's a special bonus that my last two nephews to serve missions are in the same mission!

  2. Great post and great pictures. We used to have to "propose" to many of our investigators in Philly too. I think it's something all missionaries deal with. And I love that song too. :)