Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3 update

We were worried that Elder Kenison wouldn't have much time to write today, but it actually worked out pretty well for him. And we got a great set of photos in addition, more than usual! Happy day!


Elder Kenison's first companion and trainer, Elder Mecham, is on his way home to Arizona. Matt has really enjoyed working with him, and seems to have been "well trained." It sounds like Elder Mecham went up to Santiago on Friday to go to the temple, and Matt stayed with another missionary in a nearby area. Matt will go to Santiago on Tuesday to pick up his new companion.

This picture was titled "Fresia and Marcela saying bye to Elder Mecham":

And this one is "saying bye to Elder Mecham... sad story":


Matt had the chance to have a "mini tour" of the mission with Elder Mecham last week, who was given the opportunity to visit his former areas before he went home. He commented,
yeah it was really fun. i saw lots of different places. i enjoyed seeing the mountains haha i've missed them. there aren't really any actual mountains in Cartagena. but there are huge hills haha
In Santiago, the Andes mountains are not far away and if the weather is good, there are spectacular views. But we are sure there will be chances for that in the future.

Matt has been working with Elder Sornoza temporarily while he waits for his next companion, in an area he calls Leo Lleo. We're guessing from the map we have that it's really Llolleo, a city south of Cartagena. Here's a great photo of Matt in that area:

Matt mentioned Elder Sornoza a couple of times in the past — seems like they get along well. I suspect from these two photos that they have enjoyed working together while they each wait for their new companions:

And here's another classic Matt photo, having lunch with an unidentified companion:

In the midst of all the busy-ness of the week, they did have time for some teaching:
Marcela has stopped drinking Tea. for our next visit (with my new companion) we'll ask her if she will be baptized. so hopefully things turn out the best. also changes to El Quisco were fun and changes to Leo Lleo were awesome pretty cool. gorgeous places haha
Today's letter closed with,
I LOVE CHILE!!!!!!!!!!!
That's pretty definite! We're sure glad he does.


  1. I especially love the pics with Elder Sornoza. SO cute.

  2. I agree with Judy. What a pair!

    Elder Jeff DeLong is on his way to the mission today .... Wonder how long it will be before these two nephews of ours meet each other.