Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27 update

We understand today's P-day was a little bit crazy for Elder Kenison; he didn't have much time to write. His companion, Elder Mecham, leaves for home next week, and apparently on their last P-day they are allowed to visit past areas to say goodbye to families and friends. So we think Matt got to have a little tour of the mission today with his comp! Next Monday, they will go together to Santiago, and Matt will drop off Elder Mecham and pick up his new comp. So we're not sure if we'll get much email next week either. But it will be an exciting time of change for Elder Kenison. I know he'll miss Elder Mecham a lot.

The photo shown here is Matt with one of the Latino missionaries, Elder Sornoza. He sent this picture to us last week; we didn't get any new pictures today. We're not completely sure about the two-finger salute we see in so many of these photos... we need to ask about that. (Maybe they just had a tie in a "rock-paper-scissors" game.)

We asked about his Gospel study — for example, does he read "Preach My Gospel" in English or in Spanish? This was the response:
i'm actually reading the Book of mormon and the Libro de mormon together. i'm actually starting to be able to hear what people are saying so soon i'll just be reading my libro de mormon. but i do study the spanish version (of PMG) a little. mostly the book of mormon though.
Nice to hear of progress in his language ability!

In other news, they have five new investigators to work with this week through tracting efforts. We'll hope something good comes of that! Their best investigator should be returning from a vacation soon, and they are hopeful to pick up where they left off.

Here's another typical Matt story. We asked if he saw many of the local people playing soccer.
yeah lots. haha when i was on divisions with elder marquez the ball came rolling down the hill. haha he went chasing after it for the kids it was hilarious haha mostly because elder marquez is a big guy but afterwards we got a good contact out of it with one of the kids parents haha
That's the spirit, Elder! Keep on working!

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  1. I think he's just sayin' "Peace!" in the picture, but that's just a guess. I'm glad Matty is doing well! :D