Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13 update

As we've watched the weather forecast for Elder Kenison's area of Chile this week, it's been cool but sunny. Since we're in the peak of summer in Utah, we're expecting them to be approaching the peak of winter. The average temperature (daily high) was about 60° F, which didn't seem too bad. However, Matt reports "kinda a chilly wind though which makes it kind of cold." He also reported:
I've been kinda sick for the past two days. mostly just a bad cough and my throat is dry but i ate a grapefruit last night (which reminded me of grandma haha) but that helped. but i'm getting better luckily.
Elder Mecham, Matt's companion, has less than a month left in his mission. Matt will likely stay in the same area and get a new companion when Elder Mecham leaves. He reported that Elder Mecham is NOT getting "trunky" at all — "haha he's doing really good. and we're working hard haha."

Matt was excited to participate in a baptism this week, a young man named Luis who was taught by the other companionship living in his apartment. The best investigators he and Elder Mecham are teaching, a woman named Olga and her granddaughter Natalia, were sick this past weekend and had to miss church meetings (must be a lot of "stuff" going around Chile).

Finally, here's the "cultural insight" of the week:
also random fact about Chile. so before you take a picture you say "cheese" right. well i was curious if they said something different here. and they do they say "whiskey" which i'm sure with all the drinking here it makes some people smile. haha kinda crazy

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  1. Cool hat, and I love the way he's "eating" his grapefruit haha!