Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6 update

Elder Kenison and his companions apparently celebrated the 4th of July with a successful baking experiment (thanks to a recipe from Alessandra):
well 4th of july was fun. haha all of the members when they saw us mentioned it. haha we actually made a cake. it was DELICIOUS!!! all thanks to Ale haha that was really fun. also we had a member come to church who hasn't been in about two years. that was awesome.
Matt's camera is still broken, and we were sad not to get any new photos. We have a new camera on the way to him, to help remedy this crisis!

The work continues somewhat slow in Cartagena, given the time of year and the exodus from the coastal resort town. However, he did have some positive news about new investigators:
well we have really what seems like a golden investigator. we were teaching an older lady named Olga. we taught her about twice. then on our next visit her grand daughter, natalia, joined. she has been following along and asking questions shes been doing really great. Yesterday we took a member along, kenna. And immediately they became best friends. It was kind of funny. The first time we met Natalia we had to tell her that we can't kiss on the cheek we just shake hands. So when Kenna came she didn't know when to do. So she asked kinda sticking out her hand. Haha Kenna knew when she meant and immediately said NO and gave her a big hug and the traditional kiss on the cheek it was funny.
So far, most of the investigators Matt and his companion are dealing with have been female. That's not necessarily a reflection of Matt's unusually good relationships with members of that gender; it's a common phenomenon in Latin countries. We'll hope he eventually finds some strong, complete families to teach!

Matt ended his weekly letter with this note — we really love how he has come to appreciate the scriptures more than ever:
Oh one more cool scripture :) D&C 64:33-34 :) oh and a i read 2 Nephi 29 earlier this week :) AWESOME! Haha the Book of Mormon is true!

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