Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8 update

Elder Kenison reports that the missionaries have been busy this week in Santiago. They made lots of offers of service, but in his immediate area, didn't find a lot of need.
Everyone was ok. (which is good :D) but the main plaza is closed. And power was cut off for a long time. In some parts of our sector they got power on Thursday. Pretty crazy. But all is good. The biggest problem for me was that i didn't get Money placed back in my account for this month. So i took some out so i could eat. thanks
All week, we've been hearing about aftershocks from the earthquake. There have been well over a hundred that were magnitude 5 or greater! We asked Matt about the aftershocks, how strong they were and how they felt to him. This was his description:
5.something haha well really it feels... lame. nothing compared to the other. really it's more of like your stomach growling but it's a lot louder (A LOT!!!) and it's the ground. kinda freaky haha
As far as relief efforts and work they've been doing:
yeah we've been helping with the "hogar de cristo" it's a church here that la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los Ultimos dias has united with. We woke up at five Saturday morning and heading out to the stake center there were about 100 youth in total and then the missionaries from Maipú it was cool. We all stationed out in different stops for the metro and talked to people to see if they could donate non-perishable food. It didn't work too well because if you're in the metro you want to leave. Not go back home. So we started knocking doors (elder alonzo and i and two other youth boys.) we got 17 different items haha which was good most groups didn't get any. But all is well. We were exhausted afterwards. haha
He did report that Church attendance has been much stronger than usual, including people who have been inactive in the Church for a while.

The other big news of the week is CHANGE. Elder Kenison will be moving to a new area tomorrow! We'll be eager to hear next Monday about his next assignment. He has really enjoyed working with Elder Alonzo in Maipú, but having new opportunities is a blessing too.

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  1. Matt equates earthquakes with hunger pangs? I'm so surprised!