Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29 update

Elder Kenison has one of those really rushed P-days. He didn't give us much detail of what he did all day (of course - he's not big on giving detail!) but just said he had only a little time to write.

The work seems to be going better in this new area. He has several baptisms scheduled for upcoming weeks. He did give us a pretty good summary of some of his best investigators:
Hector is a member but his wife karín isn't. Hector has been inactive for a long time. and actually starting to fall into bad habits. but he's doing better. he's got some new friends at church and everything :D
Arecelli- she's the other investigator that is getting baptised. she's 9. and her dad is the brother of the bishop. but inactive for a long time. but he's going to church now and hoping to be able to baptize his daughter :D i hope so too
Ayram- is about 15. she lives next door to the church and has been assisting for a while. we're hoping to get a baptismal date for her this week.
Jocelyn- you know about her. haha her boyfriend is actually a returned missionary. and Awesome guy. haha so we hope they'll be able to go to church together.
Rosa- she's been an investigator for a long time. and really just has had problems with a member. the member is one of her best friends and so Rosa has been going to church with her. the problem in that the member really isn't a good member. so it's been difficult. but she came to church yesterday and hopefully will again this next week. :D
Nice to see some progress, especially in strengthening existing families. Chile went through a time of very rapid Church growth, and now seems to be trying to move more cautiously and make sure the members and converts are well-grounded and faithful.

Matt is very excited for General Conference this coming weekend. That's good evidence of the growth he is experiencing; that wasn't always the case!

We'll hope for more news and maybe more photos next week...

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