Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5 update

Elder Kenison reported this week that the work is progressing well in his area. He has two baptisms scheduled for the coming weekend, and other investigators progressing well. His report of Easter celebrations included this:
lots of people were gone. at like the catholic celebrations. there was like a 7 hour movie about the new testament. that played all day. LOTS of people watched it. it was nearly impossible to get into houses. but we passed by for some investigators.
He was able to enjoy General Conference in a nearby stake center! He reported:
we got to see it all. haha the sunday morning session we watched in spanish. because the stake president took the TV for mothers with little kids. but we took the TV after. there was NOBODY in the sunday afternoon session. kinda sad. i just wanted to say to all of them. GOD'S WORDS AREN'T PARTIAL (but i don't know how to say partial in spanish, let alone spell it in english. haha)
Elder Kenison reported being sick Sunday evening. It was interesting to hear how he dealt with the challenge; it gave him the opportunity to reflect on some things from the past and on the blessings he has, and he shared some wonderful and personal expressions with us that we very much appreciated.

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