Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19 update

Elder Kenison reports this week that he and Elder Tucto have been working with members to strengthen trust and invite help. It seems to have shown results in the way their work is progressing. They've also done a lot with strengthening inactive and part-member families.

This was fun:
one cool story is that we got a reference from the other elders (from the sector next to ours) they said that two people came to church that they didn't know. after getting to know them the elder's were dissapointed because they didn't live in their area but were still glad that they came. the people live in mine and elder Tucto's area. :D
we passed by. Wilson and Debora :D Wilson is a member inactive for a long time. he rides horses for his job. like races. haha it was kinda obvious because he's kinda small haha but he had a neck brace on. we asked him why. aparently he fell off a horse and landed on his head. he's been wearing a neck brace since the first of april. kind crazy. but luckily it got him thinking so he attended church. :D
the other chapel is closer so that's why he went there. but yesterday he came to the right one :D it was awesome! his 'girlfriend' was sleeping so she didn't come. their daughter Sofia 'tampoco'.
so this week we're hoping to talk to the girlfriend (who is NOT a member) to see if she'll come to church.
The rest of his letter was just answering questions. We're starting to get excited for the great and wonderful "Mother's Day Phone Call" which is now less than three weeks away! Wahoo!

We did get a few classic photos, with very limited descriptions. This first one said,
the famous completo :D i think we won with the biggest :D hahaha
A completo is a Chilean hotdog topped with relish, guacamole, mayonnaise, etc. All we can say is, what an appetite!! (We were also intrigued by the "Bruce Lee" poster in the background.)

This one said,
i saw this door and remembered an old movie. so Elder Tucto and I took a picture :D haha do you remember which movie its from?
We could only guess Harry Potter's closet under the stairs, or maybe a Hobbit cave entrance. We'll be eager to find the answer next week!

And finally, this is classic Matt — he loves sunsets!

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