Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6 update

Elder Kenison has settled in to working with his new companion, Elder Balling. We asked what he likes most about him so far, and this was the compliment he paid:
he's animated and obedient.
He also reported that he has good, solid Spanish grammar, which will help Matt; though Matt perhaps has a bit more confidence and fluency. So they can work together well.

It turns out that Elder Balling is the nephew of a wonderful couple who live in our stake here in Orem. We'll see if we can establish a connection to the family!

Matt reported:
so elder balling was sick this week so i made smores :D they were pretty good :D haha
We're not quite sure the correlation between a sick comp and chowing down on snacks — maybe because he had some free time? He doesn't seem to be offering the food to his companion to help him recover!

He did mention later, when we asked what the best experience of the week was:
best experience. well. working yesterday because elder Balling isn't sick anymore haha it felt GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Jones, the current mission president, will be finishing his mission in a few weeks. Matt has really loved and appreciated this good man. He reported:
we had interviews with the president (our last one with President Jones) so i took advantage and took a picture.

Finally, this photo, which has a great story behind it.
this is a cool picture/story these are people from my ward. :D the two in the middle just got sealed with their family. the husband (mauricio) was actually in-active for 15 YEARS! he was drinking, doing drugs and stuff like that. his wife, margarita, kept going to church every sunday she would get their four kids ready and go :D then one of their kids, benjamin, asked his dad, "dad when am i going to get baptized?" mauricio immediatly decided to fix his life. he stopped doing drugs stopped drinking and started fixing his life. and here he is about 6 months or so later getting sealed in the temple :D he worked hard. and now (as of yesterday) was called to be the young mens president :D amazing no?

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