Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 update

We knew Elder Kenison got a new companion last week, and were eager to find out who his new one would be! He sent us this photo, claiming he was "in a trio" — yeah, right:

This is his "real" new companion, Elder Balling from Centerville, Utah:

Matt has LOVED having Latino companions, and they've helped him tremendously with learning to speak better in Spanish. But we're sure he'll have a good experience with Elder Balling, who has been serving about 8 months. When we asked how he felt about the change, he responded:
good :D we've got potencial!! but we have to get better (health wise) first haha
That wasn't very nice of him; now we'll spend the week wondering what's really going on "health wise"!!

Last Saturday they held a baptismal service for a young man named Gabriel they've been teaching for several weeks. There were about 40 people from the ward who attended — good sign of support! Matt commented about the baptismal service:
(i don't have a lot of time but) it was good. i want to say thanks to dad though. we, well Gabriel had asked some of his friends to help, one give a 'talk' and one say the prayer. i forgot to tell them so i told the guy who was supposed to give the talk like 20 minutes before the service. and he got kind of mad. i said "hey just read this scripture in 2 nephi 31 and bare your testimony and how you feel knowing one of your friend is being baptized." he said that he didn't want to do it. i just said "it's just something short, like 5 minutes you can do it" he still resisted. then the kid that gabriel asked to give the prayer said that he didn't want to. haha i was like "are you serious! this isn't hard! haha" so i gave the talk. and the one who was going to give the talk gave the prayer. so i want to say thanks dad. for telling me that i'll do things i don't want to do. and also helping me learn to ALWAYS be prepared. haha it helped.
We were proud of Matt, being able and willing to "jump in" especially in Spanish!

Finally, a couple of photos —
helping the bishop build another room for his house :D

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