Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24 update

This week, Elder Kenison "lost" his companion, Elder Tucto. They have served together since early March, and seem to have had a wonderful relationship and have accomplished some good things together. Unfortunately, since our letters are exchanged on Monday and the new companion is assigned on Tuesday, we won't know details until next week! But Matt seems to be chillin' and ready to move forward.

Here's a district photo - seems like they enjoy each other's company!

As for the week's progress, Matt didn't have much time to write (less free time because of his comp's transfer). In a short update, he reported some progress with a family that seemed to be fading last week but is bouncing back:
wilson and Debora yes. Debora found work where she doesn't have to work on sunday :D pretty sweet :D haha also wilson's grandma came to church again :D haha she's awesome
He had hinted about a new program and we asked for some more details:
there is a 'plan misional famililar' in the mission that has the members work with the investigators. it's a way to get more references from members and then have them help us teach. so we'll be doing that in our ward :D
That sounds encouraging!

This last photo was especially fun. Matt wrote:
suprise. haha i found this ballar writin his fam. haha he's sutck her in internet. haha pretty crazy. can you send this to his mom. his computer is being crazy haha thanks
I guess Matt still talks "teen" in addition to Spanish. But running into his old friend and neighbor, Elder Poulsen, is always a lot of fun. We sure wish they could be companions together! Maybe... who knows...

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