Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10 update

There was certainly less to email about this week, since we had a wonderful phone conversation just two days earlier. But there are a few things we can share. No new photos, though... :(

It sounds like Mother's Day in Santiago was interrupted by stake conference. We asked if they celebrated Mother's Day this week as well.
yeah they did. ''Dìa de madre''. in church we actually had Stake Conference. President Nuñez. (the last president) was called in the last General conference to be an Area 70. so they called a new one. and he's a JOVEN (he's young) he has two kids. one is 5 the other 3. and they've only lived here for a year and two months. haha he came and got called as a bishop and now as the stake president. haha
This was the update on one of the good families he's been working with:
well we're trying to get Wilson and Debora Married. but there are a lot of problems with that. the grandma doesn't really want them too. (we think because they live with the grandma and if they get married they might want to leave. and the Grandma and Grandpa will be alone) but also Wilson is on a medical leave from work because of his neck. i think i said once. he's a horse Jockey haha so a little guy. but he fell of the horse on the first of April and hurt his neck so he's had a brace on. he's doing better but still needs therapy before he can work again. so it's kinda hard on the money problem. so Debora's been working. BUT she works on sunday so can't go to church. haha so many things. but we're hoping to sort things out. we gave Debora a number and address where she can call (or go) and get a job from the Church. which will mean. no work on sunday. and also we've trying to get them to talk to the bishop so that they can figure out the things for their wedding. so HOPEFULLY it all works out haha
We'll continue to pray for his safety and success in his endeavors. Meanwhile, he promises to send us more photos next week — that's always a joy!!

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  1. We used to call it "proposing" to our investigators when I was serving my mission. In fact, heir situation reminds me of many of the people we taught in Philly who were on welfare.