Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17 update

We loved this new photo received this week of Elder Kenison and Elder Tucto, his Peruvian companion. They really seem to have a great relationship!

We asked Matt about investigators who attended Church this week, and learned about a new young man he's working with:
well... Gabriel was the only one. we passed by for several yesterday. (actually we did divisions so we could pass by for more. i went with one hermano and Elder tucto with another. but not much luck.) but Gabriel came :D he's a stud. don't know if i talked about him. he's a reference from a member. he's 14. (kinda cool to teach the story of Joseph Smith) but really when we pass by we ask, "do you have any questions about what you read recently?" (we normally left like a pamphlet or a chapter in the Book of Mormon for him to read) he would say yeah. "who's Nephi?" and we'd explain. then we'd ask what he learned. and he'd give us like a full break-down of the chapter he read (or pamphlet) haha he's amazing. he has a baptismal date for the 30 (sunday) but he wanted to change it to the 29th (saturday) so he could be baptized on his birthday. haha pretty cool.
The work is slowing a bit; Matt mentioned they will need to start tracting more to find most people to teach (they currently spend about an hour a day knocking on doors). They are also continuing to work with members and are getting some better support there. Here was one fun experience during tracting:
haha we 'knocked' a door once. and the person yelled "no estoy" (i'm not here). we laughed and said "hola, ¿como esta?" and they said. "no, encerio, NO estoy" (i'm serious, i'm not here)they were, serious. so elder tucto and i said,"ok cuidese" (take care.) haha and we left. haha kind of weird.
Matt has a little glass desk ornament with the Salt Lake Temple etched inside, and his companion really loved it; Matt asked if we could find one and send for his comp. They received the package this week, and Elder Tucto sent us this very nice little note:
hola soy elder tucto ... en verdad no tengo palabras para agradeserle por el hermoso regalo que me envio muchas... muchas grasias ..
estoy muy agradesido por estar junto asu hijo trabajando en esta maravillosa obra del señor ...el es un muy buen misionero , tiene mucho animo para trabajar, aqui en chile, con las personas que nesecitan tener esta falicidad que nosotros tenes con este evangelio de jesucristo , grasias por ser buenos padres ...lo cual esto anhelo que tambien mis padres sean mienbros algun momento ...
aaaaaaaaaa muchas grasias tambien por enviar los deliciosos dulces ... grasias por todo ...
Very nice note. He thanks us graciously for the gift, and then says how grateful he is to be working with Matt who is a very good missionary with much enthusiasm for the work. He thanks us for being good parents and hopes that his own parents will some day be members. A very kind message.

Finally, here are a few photos of a district activity last week at the local bowling alley! We asked if the alleys there are pretty similar to the ones here, and he said they were — except for the crack in the ceiling from the earthquake. Unfortunately, he didn't send a photo of the crack! (Click on any photo to view larger.)

In the next photo, that looks suspiciously like a "gutter ball"...
and doesn't that last one look like "classic Matt"?!?!?

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  1. Sweet letter from Elder Tucto. I hope you get to meet him some day. You send him goodies too? I love the final picture--although it could result in the need for plastic surgery.