Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3 update

Today's letter from Elder Kenison was VERY short and sweet. In some of our questions where we asked about the people he was working with, we appended the note "Tell us as much about them as you can!" to try to encourage a little more detail than normal. But his responses were mostly one-liners — worse than normal. We think he's holding out for some reason....

Could it be because of an upcoming phone call??? We did make tentative plans to have our Mother's Day Phone Call on Saturday afternoon!! We hope to beat the rush and be able to enjoy a more leisurely conversation. We also had a complication with Bonnie needing to catch an airplane on Mother's Day. So it was nice to work this detail out!

At one point, Matt did comment after one of his short answers, "sorry don't have much time." So it appears he had a busy P-day.

One of the questions we asked was about his participation in the local Church meetings — whether he'd had the chance to give a talk. He commented,
yeah i bore my testimony yesterday. gave a class the sunday before and had a talk like a month ago.
We see lots of evidence like this that his Spanish has significantly improved!

One last little "gift" that Matt forwarded to us at the request of his mission president, President and Sister Jones. This was nice. I'm sure things are a little poignant for them right now, since they have only 2 months left before they return home.

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  1. How wonderful to have the phone call coming up. I hope they don't limit the time. Treasured time.