Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call (one day early)

We had the delightful semi-annual opportunity today to talk with our missionary! Based on the mission rules, he had to call us; but then we were able to conference in Brian and Sarah, and Matt's grandparents, from Virginia. We had just a little trouble with our connection but once it was set it worked out great. What a joy to hear his voice! The sound was clear and prompt, with very little delay. The time went by very fast.

I was able to record part of the conversation, and then extract a few fun excerpts. His voice sounds so pleasant and happy, and he really seems to be enjoying his mission experience.

This first clip tells a little about his challenge of speaking Spanish almost all the time (his current companion is from Peru), and then occasionally having to switch to English:

This clip talks about a new habit Elder Kenison has developed since being in Chile: studying!!

Remember the huge "completo" (Chilean hotdog) from a previous week? He talks about that, and about his weight gain:

How do you pronounce "Kenison" in Chilean Spanish?

Some unique aspects of Chilean Spanish:

And another language comment:

The joys of missionary apartments — a wonderful shower:

The mysterious "haunted room" in his current apartment:

Finally, some memories and impressions about the earthquake:


  1. How wonderful to hear his voice! Ah, the wonders of technology. The clip on studying (second one) only plays a couple of words for me.

  2. What a neat thing to add clips like that. I enjoyed listening to them. :)