Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27 update

It sounds like Chile is still recovering from the massive bicentennial celebration last weekend.  The wards and branches in Talagante had their celebration this Saturday.  Matt commented on this photo — it's a law in Chile to have a flag up on the 18th

There were a couple of food themes in today's email and photos.  Last Tuesday for an activity, a group of missionaries visited a city called Pomaire, which is known as a craft and pottery destination.  Matt said everything was very expensive, since it caters to foreign tourists.  They are also known for very large empanadas (meat pastries).  Matt commented,
i tried to buy one but when i went there they lied. they said that had an empenada that weighed a kilo but it wasn´t even like 1/5 of a kilo. just a LITTLE bigger than the normal ones haha
Here's the evidence.  He wrote — an empanada in Poimaire, not as big as i thought. note my disappointment

He was also eager to show us these photos of making pizza at a member's home.  It looks like the missionaries are getting enough to eat!

This was a nice little story:
On the 23, that was thursday, we were in a conference with President King and the assistants. haha President King was talking about the Book of Mormon and how Dan Jones taught with it (see the first page in Preach My Gospel at the picture on the top) and right as he held up the Book of Mormon there was a... little earthquake. haha (temblor) and the whole chapel shook. not hard but a little. hahaha and everyone started laughing. and made the joke of the power of the Book of Mormon. haha it was hilarious! but i know that it really does have power haha :D
In support of that message, he sent this photo with the caption my message to all of chile. haha :D the Book of Mormon hahaha :D

Or there is this alternative, titled making my mark on chile haha just kidding.

He was on "divisions" and had an experience that isn't very common in Chile:
this was in El Monte with elder Guzman. ridin on bikes haha kinda different from Santiago.

And finally, one last photo.  We're guessing based on the caption that the huge flag is probably a present he bought for himself.  The display of socks is probably a special effect to impress his Mom.
companionship study with a "present i got haha"

 We sure miss this guy!!  But we're glad he's working hard and having such a unique experience.


  1. Well, I would say that enormous pizza more than makes up for the little empanada.

  2. I wish I could eat like that and look like that - even with the socks. Well, I suppose maybe my socks do look like that.