Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4 update

Like most missionaries, Elder Kenison was thrilled this week to participate in the General Conference broadcast.  They were able to hear the broadcast in English, while the rest of the members listened in Spanish.  We asked how much he was able to see:
ALL OF IT!!!! except for President Monson's last talk because there were two little girls that kept interrupting us so I (with still being in site of my companion) tried to ask them politely to leave and go listen to it in spanish. then they started asking me questions "where are you from?" haha there were 5 gringos in the room. haha 5 of us are from Utah, Elder Balling from Centerville (yes he's in my dictrict hahaha), Elder Carvajal from Salt Lake, Hermana Landeen from somewhere up north haha and Hermana Smith from Orem haha (but she went to Timpanogos, isn't that sad haha) and me. then there is Elder Iglesias (in spanish his name means churches) is from Florida. haha so the little girls asked about all that. i just figured that it would be better to talk to them (from the door) then having them running around and screaming haha 
Nice guy, that Matt — serving with gladness!

Here was his latest contacting experience:
so we're going around knocking doors a couple weeks ago. and we stopped by an "almacen" (little store, they're everywhere) and bought a sandwich. well a "sandwich" the owners started asking us questions, why we're here what we do. all that stuff. then they asked what we were planning on doing for the 18th of September (Independence Day).  and they asked if we were going to dance the cueca (k-way-k-a, "a" as in father) a Chilean dance, really popular for the 18th, we talked for a bit. then when we finished our sandwich we left.

we passed by another day to buy some "dulces" sweets. they have like a bakery part too. so we got empenadas, a little lemon pie. needless to say we've passed by several times. haha  for conference we bought a bunch of these little cookies so we could "munch" on something. and we gave then a Book of Mormon and asked them their names. haha well... the guys name is Antonio and the girls.... MarLyn. hahahahahaha (pronounced the EXACT same, i don't know if it's written the same haha)  i laughed so hard. (afterwards of course. haha)

but the cool part is that, when we went to see general conference, Hermana Landeen really liked the cookies. so we went by Antonio and MarLyn's almacen. someone had seen the Book of Mormon they had and had given them a Bible. haha we said... "good, now you can read the Book of Mormon and compare it with the Bible." haha MarLyn asked were she should read and we gave her the introduction to the Book of Mormon, well technically the Libro de Mormon haha but whatever haha. so hopfully she reads. haha
Here's a photo Matt sent us recently with the caption
making a mud oven. this got all covered in mud haha pretty cool
We have no idea what a mud oven is, but we're sure he enjoyed getting dirty!  Some things just don't change...

Matt used to close his emails to us by telling us how much he loved Chile.  He hadn't done that for a while, so we asked if he still did.  This was the response:

¡CHI! ¡CHI! ¡CHI! ¡LE! ¡LE! ¡LE!


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