Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11 update

Summer has returned to Chile.  Elder Kenison complained it was getting hot already, and asked us to send him some American antiperspirant!  He's entered the year of perpetual summer — in March, just as Chile's summer is coming to an end, he'll come back to the US in time to begin our summer.  He won't see winter weather until late 2011, more than a year from now.

There hasn't been much progress in the work this week.  We asked about Maria and her kids, who was a prime investigator at one point.
she hasn't been avoiding us. she's just been gone a lot. and yes they did move. and some of our other investigators are moving too. elder Carvajal and i think that we're suppose to "start over" haha so we've been doing lots of contacts knocking and stuff. not really working. so now we're going to work with the members to get some references from them. the problem is that it will take a lot of working with them. but we'll do our best. haha
This was an interesting personal insight from Matt:
Every saturday and sunday there are always drunk people our on the street. in a specific spot there is always one. he's ALWAYS there. without fail. and he always wants to talk to us. and then get all mad and says some really well, sad stuff. like how he mistreats his wife and stuff. we've told him that he should change his life and try to stop drinking. but it's kind of impossible to commit a guy who's completely wasted. but yesterday we were late to an appointment and so we walked right by him. he started yelling at us and stuff so we'd go say hi to him. we just kept walking. so he started to throw rocks at us. he didn't get anywhere close to hitting us though. but while walking i just though how sad his life is do be like that. it's sad that people do that. so i decided that i will NEVER EVER drink alcohol! EVER. I NEVER have and I NEVER will.
Matt was going to send us some new photos this week, but he said the computer kept freezing on him (sometimes the technology is a little behind what we're used to).  Here is one photo of Elder Kenison and Elder Carvajal, and two sisters in their district, that we didn't post last week:

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