Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22 update

We (Elder Kenison's parents) both have jobs where we spend a good portion of the day in front of a computer screen.  So we're often watching on Mondays when the emails from Chile start to arrive, and we've enjoyed the chance to "interact" by replying to emails while Matt is online. In addition, he's been replying to a lot of our individual comments and questions in the emails we send to him.  But it looks like there will be a change in that procedure in the future.  Matt opened his email to us today with this notice:
we recently had a meeting this last week and president talked about how we shouldn't plan on sending e-mails back and forth to the family. I asked him myself if it was ok because my parents work with computers and are always on and lots of times it's just about questions that I've got.
I still don't understand why but he told me, and all of the other missionaries, that it is better if we send one letter to the family. I don't know why but the "why" really isn't important. The fact is he's my leader and I should do what he says. So I'll be reading your letters and everything but I won't be responding to them like I did before.
 We were a little disappointed about that, but at the same time, thrilled that Elder Kenison is willing to be obedient and do his best to follow the instructions he is given!  We feel that's a significant sign of growth and maturity, and are proud of his commitment.

Meanwhile, there have been some challenges this week in Talagante.  Last week Matt mentioned that he had a persistent cough, but it looks like things went downhill:
to tell ya the truth we haven't been working very much because I've been pretty sick. I've felt like I've been able to work so we did a little but then when I heard that I had gotten people sick. We decided we'd stay home. Elder Hassler is getting a little sick too. But we'll be passing by for a doctor this week "¡si o si!" so we can both get better. But the investigators are doing good
He did feel well enough for a little district activity today:
today we all ate together at a little place it was pretty good. it was "comida jarabe" haha just kind of like a sandwich wrap with meat and chicken it was pretty good :)
This was the update on his new companion, Elder Hassler:
He's a stud. haha We're pretty much like brothers. Like the same jokes and stories and stuff it's kind of funny. lots of people we're saying the it's really stressful to be a district leader and a trainer especially both at the same time. haha But I've loved both of them. haha "despite being sick haha" but for training it's pretty easy, I often forget that I'm training because Elder Hassler really just acts like he's been here for a long time. He knows the people, his Spanish is actually pretty good. He'll be speaking like a Latin when he finishes his mission. haha He just struggles with understanding what the people say. haha but Latins, who speak perfect Spanish, have a hard time understanding Chileans for a long time.
We're grateful to hear that he continues to love his companion and the work they do together.

He concluded his letter with this:
I heard something cool in church yesterday. An Hermano said that when we're in church we need to LEARN, then ACT, and then SHARE. I know it's kind of obvious but I was thinking. "do I do that?" when I learn something does it help me be a better person. Then do I share that with other people, even if sharing is simply through my example

I have a scripture that I found that I like haha that despite being sick and stuff it can still be applied to Elder Hassler and I, It's

2 Nephi 5:27
"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness"
We still didn't get any new photos this week.  But I found one on a Facebook page of one of the other missionaries who is connected to us — one that really portrays that part of Matt hasn't changed!

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  1. Matt is really maturing. Cute sisters. You may have a hard time getting him home.