Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8 update

 This was a busy week for Elder Kenison and Elder Carvajal, who is now on his way home!  During the final week of their missions, the elders are allowed to visit two of their previous areas, and Matt was able to accompany him.  They visited Maipú, where Matt worked previously himself, and the Llo Lleo, out on the coast near Cartagena, Matt's first area.  Matt commented,
I've realized how amazing the coast is. haha the air is AMAZING! i didn't realize that when i was there because i was new and didn't know what the air in santiago was like. it was good though i love it. i miss the people in the coast. haha then we go to maipu and i miss the people from there haha
And of course, they spent time saying goodbye to members and investigators in their own area.  This photo shows Elder Carvajal with Carla and Mitchell; Matt said,
she came to church last sunday and said that she really liked it :) that it was a good experience and that she'd like to attend more.

 This is another investigator named Fanny — she and her boyfriend are investigating:
yeah they're progressing great. haha they have a goal for their baptisms :) but i think we'l have to change it because they didn't come this last sunday because they went to a birthday party for a friend.

The best news of the week was the baptism of Angel.
Elder Carvajal and his last companion found him knocking doors. we've taught him since i've been here. his wife is not a member, she's really nice though but never wants to talk to us when we pass by. he does have children but they're older now and have moved out
He was baptized by the Branch President, Presidente Reyes:

This is a photo of the district where Matt and his companion have been serving:

And this is the Talagante Zone — they look like they have lots of fun:


This was a fun photo from an event a few weeks ago.   Matt wrote:
this is from the "weekend misional" the two youth were with me on Sunday and the couple was with both of us on Saturday and with Elder Carvajal on Sunday. pretty sweet. the couple have a daughter serving in Peru

This was a classic missionary story, about trying to continue to teach and nurture:
we stopped by for Familia Salinas. an awesome family. the dad though didn't really want to listen more. he handed the Book of Mormon back to us and said, "about the prophets and about Christ we agree. but once you add the point in about Joseph Smith and him writing some book, i don't believe" we said, wait, Joseph Smith didn't WRITE this Book. in fact there is NO WAY it would be POSSIBLE for him to write a book like this. he translated it, like the Bible, prophets wrote this book. the difference is that this book was translated by a prophet who was given power from god.
we handed him the book back and said, "would you like to read from the start? you can read the introduction and the testimony from Joseph Smith that is written there. maybe that will resolve some questions." he smiled and said that he would read.
so hopefully it all goes well. out of I think every investigator I've had I've prayed more for him and his family than for anyone haha.
We will hope and pray too!

Matt was able to arrange a "surprise farewell party" with some members of the branch for Elder Carvajal.  He sent several photos of the fun they had:
starting out, waiting for the people to come, haha playing the piano. "chop sticks" haha
Maragarita (left) and Claudia (right) margarita is the hermana that cooks SO good haha we've made so much stuff in her house. and she sells completos that are SO good haha and claudia is a recent convert
this was realy happening. haha all of the hermanas were telling elder carvajal "eat this, oh have you tried this" those cookies in his pocket were not put in for the picture they were already there haha

The rest of the photos show what happened when missionaries get carried awake with cake and frosting, and then before you know it, the branch president gets involved!

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