Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20 update

Today's email was even briefer than normal, because we're only FOUR days away from the PHONE CALL!! Every missionary family around the world is bursting with eagerness this week.

Elder Kenison and Elder Hassler seem to be on the mend.  We asked if they saw a doctor and if he diagnosed or prescribed anything:
It was a girl doctor and she just gave us like cough medicine and stuff. She's not a real doctor though that's the bad part.
Not quite sure what that means... but something must be helping.
yeah. we worked quite a bit this week :D haha
Here's a brief update on the work:
We're trying to work a lot more with the members. We passed by to talk to President Reyes recently and he says that he's really worried about the Branch and that he'd like if we work with activating them and stuff. So i'll be trying to do that.
On Thursday (Dec 23), all the missionaries in the mission will travel to Santiago for a mission conference.  We're sure they are going to have a wonderful experience.  And then on Friday (Dec 24) at 5 p.m. Chile time, Elder Kenison will call home to talk with his family!!

There was one very exciting announcement in today's email, though, regarding the highly-anticipated Christmas Phone Call.  The missionaries in the Santiago West mission have received permission to use SKYPE for their calls!  That means we'll get to SEE each other, as well as talk together!  What a joyful blessing. 

We appreciated, as always, the photos that came in today's email.  How fortunate we are to have all this modern digital communication!!
At our Christmas activity Elder Hassler and I were pretty much the only ones. haha Then other people came.

Our branch. Most of the people at least haha

just chilling at home. haha

Here's a picture of some of the missionaries from Orem haha and Elder Hassler from Provo haha

I sure wish we could find a way to make these two companions for a few weeks before Matt comes home!

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