Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 6 update

Elder Kenison is feeling better, but his companion Elder Hassler has struggled with his health this past week.  They've had to spend more time at home than they'd like.  We got this update about investigators:
Well Fanny is doing good. She's really the only one we can find at home. But she for some reason couldn't come to church this last week so we AGAIN have to change her fetcha (goal) for baptism. But hopefully all is good with her. For Carla we've been trying to pass by as much as we can and she just hasn't been home. She woks a lot. But hopefully all goes well. As for Angel who recently got baptized haha he's doing awesome! He went to the district conference we had yesterday
Last week, they had a 2-zone conference with the nearby Penaflor zone.  Matt reported:
Well really it was the same as a normal zone meeting (the meeting we have every Tuesday) but this time it was just with more missionaries. And President was there. He came in when we were split into our separate districts and he listened in. haha I was teaching the lesson, haha but it was good. he talked afterwards, with all the missionaries, about how we can better involve the bishop/president in the missionary work in our ward/branch. It was really good.
The main joy of the week was that we received TWENTY-EIGHT photos — a new record!  Matt wrote:
Well consider this your Christmas present for now haha I'll give you your actual presents in about 3 months haha
We'll share some of the best, and save a few for future weeks when we don't receive any (which often happens).  A few weeks ago they had a zone activity where they apparently hiked to a nice overlook.  In this photo, Matt wrote just loving all of my companions in the zone — these are all former or current companions!

This one shows more of the fellow missionaries, including some familiar faces:
chillin with some of the missionaries haha from left to right: hermana Redondo (honduras), hermana Collahuazo (Ecuador), elder carvajal (utah), me haha, hermana Smith (haha utah and from Orem!!!) and hermana Landeen (also from Utah)

And this is "classic Matt" — he wrote just trying to get some extra energy before the hike. :) haha  Any guesses what that is he's about to eat??  (Remember, this is the guy who ate a cockroach in high school when the "pool" got high enough!)

When the last changes occurred, Elder Kenison went to the office to pick up his new companion, and in the process saw some former companions and friends on their way.  This photo is sayin bye to Elder Simmons and Elder Rawlins. :(

Last week, to celebrate some birthdays in their area, they made a cake.  He also wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!!! (even though it was on the 27th) in honor of a friend back home.

Next step:
finished frosting but... it's missing something and we don't have sprinkles, but.... we do have no bake cookies haha :D WOOT!!!

This one was captioned divin' right in haha
And then, dang... no more cake (a couple days later haha

Two more nice photos.
so since we've been inside we've kind been talking a lot haha and one of these days (Thursday) Elder Hassler and I got REALLY trunky haha so...
This is Elder Hassler wanting to pet his dog haha

And finally...
This is Elder Kenison (me haha) thinking it's crazy that everyone is getting married, so I made some brownies, but didn't want to wait forever and cook them so.... I just ate the batter haha


  1. Matt truly has an eating style all his own, but I can see some real resemblences between his style and Big Davey. I can see some real ice cream and cake orgies in the future. I hope I'm invited.

  2. I love reading about Elder Matt. I'm sure the members will really miss him when he comes home .