Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10 update

Elder Kenison and Elder Hassler continue to spend much of their time working with less active members.  Elder Kenison described the efforts:
good just kind of frustrating. We have some of the most amazing visits with them (not because of us of course haha) but then for some reason they just don't come to church. But all it'll take is patience. and a little effort on their part. Hopefully they'll come around
No photos today, based on this report of the P-day activities:
We actually had a little "get together" as a zone. We played sports, soccer and kinda hit around a volleyball. And then we watched a movie, the Emma Hale movie. I'd never seen it. It was SOOOO good :D Then we ordered some pizza and ate it there. But SADLY I forgot my camera. :(  Sorry
We always hope for some fresh new photos, but can't complain since we're generally pretty spoiled.

There are now 9 weeks to go in Matt's mission.  There will be one more "change" in three weeks.  He really loves being with Elder Hassler, but chances are they will be separated with this coming change.  We suggested to Matt that he should give a gentle suggestion to President King about being near Elder Poulsen for his last change.  He apparently did pass on the suggestion:
Yeah I did. I told him, "On behalf of my mom, and kind of myself, I just wanted to "mention" that I wouldn't mind being around Elder Poulsen for my last change." haha I told him at a conference that we had recently so Elder Poulsen was right there so Elder Poulsen kind of asked him the same thing when I asked him. It was pretty cool haha
This was the final thought from this week's letter:
Well one weird one. haha A couple nights ago I was exhausted and so I went to bed and feel asleep right away. haha And while I was sleeping I dreamt of me walking around, and I was SO tired (in my dream) and then I woke up. haha It was weird. I dreamt of being tired. Kinda random.

Here's a cool quote, "Live every day like it's your last, and you won't regret it once time has past."
Thanks, Elder — keep working hard!

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