Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24 update

It sounds like Elder Kenison and Elder Hassler continue to work hard and do their best.  This was the summary of the week:
Well we've passed by for several people this week. trying to animate them and trying to get them to come to church and stuff. We've been trying to pass by for people in our sector and teach them. We found Fanny!!!!! We set a cita and passed by and she wasn't there. So we decided. maybe if we don't set a cita she'll be there. So we just randomly passed by the other day :) it was awesome! The same thing with Rafael, a less active member. With work it's been REALLY hard to find him because he works a lot, but yesterday we felt like we should pass by for his house. and he was home!!! haha It was awesome!!! Also we got a time to pass by and talk to Familia Salinas :D it's kinda sad because they just let us know that their friend just past away, but we were already planning to teach... The Plan of Salvation. Elder Hassler and I will be doing some practices to try and get good at teaching it. Elder Hassler mentioned to me recently that he hasn't ever taught the second lesson. Kinda crazy. But I'm not surprised because it's SO hard to find people at home. Everyone at this time of year is working, working and working some more.
For the "Liahona project" (preparing copies of the Church magazine to be distributed in public places) he reported:
yup just gluing and gluing and gluing some more... haha
They've been gluing their contact information on the magazines; they need to get them distributed now so they can do some good!

We asked about his experience as a district leader, and what he tries to accomplish when they have divisions with other companionships.
Just be an example. Be animated and show them that you love them. Really I just want to get to know them, why they're here on their mission, what their family is like, stuff like that to help them. I try to help them with whatever I can.
As for the progress in the district, he reports:
In the district we have about 9 baptismal dates set with different investigators and more and more are coming to church (something we've been focusing on in our district and zone meetings).  Just kinda waitin on our sector to get goin. haha
There will be "changes" next week — and Elder Kenison will begin the last 6-week segment of his mission.  We asked what he expected would happen:
I don't know. I could stay because it's my last change but I might go. I'm kind of out of ideas in this area. If I stay I'll just do my best. haha I'd like to stay because there is NO way I could have a companion as big of a stud as Elder Hassler
He really seems to be enjoying his work with Elder Hassler as much as any companion he's had in his mission — that's wonderful!  He also commented about their time together:
I was sick a lot so we didn't get to do alot in the sector. But I got to teach him lots of Chileanismos (slang terms) haha and so he's been able to understand people a little better now. haha and now he's saying "ok hermana gracias por todo, pero tenemos que echar al pollo, cuidese mucho" meaning really, "hermana thanks for everything but, we've got to split, take care." haha People laugh when they hear that froma gringo. haha But Elder Hassler's Spanish in general is AMAZING!!! We had an appointment yesterday with less active members. They've been members for a LONG time and they know LOTS of missionaries. Somehow we started talking for little about how Elder Hassler is new. They were suprised that he's only been here for 3 months and talks so well. haha He'll be speaking better than I do when he has a year in his mission. easily. haha He's a stud
As for recent food experiences:
Elder Hassler has been talking about that. A while ago we had "prietas" and "riñones" - prietas is a mix of a type of meat and animal's blood, usually from a pig or cow. haha And riñones are kidneys hahaha So we've had a good experience. This wednesday we'll have lunch with the hermana again. I hope all goes well haha
Recently they had a multi-zone conference with Elder Corbridge.  Today, Matt sent this "annotated photo" showing people he pas particular connections with.  Fun to see his comments:

 This was labeled as, waiting for the bread to cook, and killing flies haha — we like the homemade fly-swatter!

Looks like they kept the flies away pretty well.   making bread. haha (mom I learned so I can make you some when I get home because I know you like bread)

Continuing on the food theme, this one was: come y bebe (eat and drink) a "fruit cocktail" without alcohol haha just a popular thing that Elder Alonzo taught me to make haha it is DELICIOUS!!!

And here's Elder Hassler, enjoying the last of Elder Kenison's birthday cake (with the nice chocolate frosting we mailed down special for him to enjoy!):

Here's my study wall haha — he loves his photos!

And finally, this photo seems like Classic Matt:

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