Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3 bonus comments

When Elder Kenison wrote us on Monday, he had just met his new companion and didn't know much about him.  However, we've since learned a little more on our own (thanks to Dorothy Hassler, mother of one of Matt's former companions!).

His name is Elder Corbett Rubert.  He has served for a little over 4 months (2 months in Chile).  He wrote this about his new companion (note he got the spelling of the name wrong, just like Elder Kenison did (he wrote Elder Rupert)):
His name is Elder Kineson, way nice, and has two weeks left for his mission... which means i get to go and see his other sectors too (and he served in the coast WOOT) Pres. King assured me that he is not trunky. :) well we will see how it goes. He is from Orem UT, and not freakishly tall. well that is about it for him i will update when i know more about him...
but because of his leaving, this is technically his last real p-day, because next p-day we visit his sectors (woot) and then for real changes in two weeks i will get a permanent comp. so yeah that is it for that. ),

In addition, this nice comment appeared on Elder Dallon Smith's blog:

"I went to Santiago again this week...  I got to also hang out with Elders Smith, Kenison, and Van Dyke.  We did an activity where all the missionaries worked in one sector.  It was so fun and I got to know the other missionaries really well....
"Elder Kenison was absolutely hilarious!  I am sad that he is going home.  It would have been cool to get to know him better."
Sorry, Elder Smith — his family back home is even more eager to get to know him (the NEW him) better!!


  1. "...and not freakishly tall". That's a classic!

    Look at that clock ticking down to Elder Matt's return time! Woot!

  2. I think the "freakishly tall" comment is based on the fact that Elder Rubert's MTC comp was 6'5". He probably had some other tall comp since then, so is grateful that Matt is a little more "normal."

    And yes, we LOVE seeing that clock tick down!!