Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28 update

Another week, another companion, another transfer to another area, another very brief letter... and time is running out fast!

Elder Kenison is now serving in Cerrillos in Santiago, in the sector Amerigo Vespucio.  When he wrote us today, he had just met his new (final?) companion, Elder Rupert.  We don't know a thing about him!  We only know that the new area is near Maipú (where Matt served for his second area and where the mission home now is).  Matt said he'd fill us in with more detail next week.

So we're hoping he'll have a good, steady week of working hard in this new area with Elder Rupert.  On P-day next Monday, he'll have the opportunity to return to Cartagena, his first area, to visit members there.  He did promise to find time to write us!  We look forward to that.

In our stake office back home, we have a photo board where all the missionaries serving from our stake are listed.  This part shows all the elders; there is another section for sisters and couples:

New missionaries start on the bottom row, and gradually work their way up to the top as they serve their two years.  So parents and family members are always eager to come in to the office and find where their son is now!  Well, as of this past weekend, Elder Kenison reached the coveted "#1 position" on the top row left, much to the delight of his family:

The "best two years" are almost over. We have two weeks of mission left.  Feelings are very bittersweet.  We can't wait to have our son return to us, but we also are going to dearly miss the joy of his service and the anticipation of our Monday communication.



  1. Wow, that is in impressive grouping of missionaries. Can't wait to have Matt home!

  2. I will miss these weekly updates!