Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21 update

Elder Kenison has been in a threesome this past week (or a "trio" as he calls it), working with Elder Smith and Elder Van Dyke.  We learned about Elder Smith last week; this is what he wrote about Elder Van Dyke:
He's from  Kaysville in Utah, he has the same time as Elder Hassler, they were in the same district. Well he's... chill haha We always talk about hiking and stuff. It's pretty cool.
So he's pretty new in the mission, but it sounds like he's fitting right in!  This was Matt's description of working in a threesome:
The first lesson we had we all testified of each topic while teaching the lesson, so it took FOREVER. We only finished two principles, faith and repentance. It was interesting so we're decided that one should teach the doctrine then the other testify and then keep going and not add his thoughts like before haha it's been a lot better.
Report on activities during this week:
We've been working with a lot of less actives. We had 19 lessons last week just with less active and recent converts. So i don't really know a lot of the names but we've just been trying to teach as many people as possible
Sounds like some very worthwhile efforts.  As for Matt's future, he expects to be moving this coming Thursday or Friday to a new area.  Here's the speculation:
Yeah. Just close to here. I'll probably replace Elder Romero, he's in Santa Lucia right now with Elder Fuhriman a gringo from Oregon. So I'll probably go there.
That would give him a little over two weeks in the final area.

One other positive report for the week:
Yesterday we had a stake conference and it was broadcast from Salt Lake. Elder Packer and Cristofferson spoke. It was AWESOME!!! They just reminded us of the things that President Monson said about youth serving a mission and also couples serving. and Sister Dalton also spoke she talked about being prepared and worthy in all times in all things and in all places. It was pretty sweet! haha
Here are two photos for the week.  The first shows
Just a picture of Elder Smith and the Metro. Pretty sweet. haha By the way the blur was planned. haha

And this one said,
just trying to get a ride.... no luck haha


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  1. I was reading the tape recorded notes of Hugh B. Brown, to his grandson, over the weekend and read with interest a sampling of his mission letters that were included. I thought of Matt when Elder Brown concluded one of his mission letters with "HaHa." Looking forward to seeing Matt when he gets home.