Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14 update

We had a pretty brief letter from Elder Kenison today.  With only four more weeks to go, his P-days are probably going to get busy!  The only mention of progress in their missionary activities was that their best investigator is the young daughter of a ward member who is making good progress.

We tried to clarify what the next few weeks hold.  We had heard that his companion, Elder Smith, would be going home three weeks early because of school.  But Elder Speakman, one of the other elders living in their 4-person apartment, will be going to the office this week.  So Elder Smith and Elder Kenison will be working in a trio with Elder Van Dyke.  But then it gets even more confusing:
Then in two weeks some elders go home early to study. So I'll have special changes and I'll be heading out to a different area. So in my last change I'll have a total of three different companions and two sectors. haha
So this will indeed be interesting — talk about a mixed-up way to finish!

We asked if they had any special zone or district activities recently.
We had an activity today in the apartment of one of the other elders. We chilled up on the room though! On the 26th floor!!! haha It was awesome! They had a pool up there too but... we can't go in. haha But I decided that I want to own a hotel someday and have a pool on top and my house right next to it haha. 
Dream on, buddy!  Here are some photos from that apartment; pretty spectacular with the Andes in the background:

This was a fun photo; he wrote,
On Saturday we had an activity and played soccer with the young men in our ward. No one came haha but we took advantage and fixed some on the nets. haha service!!!

And then this was the best:
Just chillin on the swings haha Elder Speakman is on the left and Elder Smith on the right.


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