Monday, March 30, 2009

MTC Update 3/27/09

Elder Kenison didn't get an email account set up yet — we keep hoping he will, since
  • he can type faster than he can write
  • we would get the updates sooner
  • it's easier to read his typing than his handwriting!
But Friday came and went, and so we knew there was no email again this week. We were eagerly awaiting the letter in the mail (the old-fashioned way) and it came today — Monday. (Don't you think they should be able to get a letter from Provo to Orem, only 6 miles, in one day? No, it takes two! And with P-day on Friday, we don't get the letter until Monday! ARGH!)

Matt is having a great experience in the MTC. It's been almost three weeks now — time flies. He has a great district of elders ("pretty much everyone in it is amazing"), and some wonderful Spanish teachers. One of his teachers is named Hermana Watterson — which Matt found very amusing, since he's a big fan of Bill Watterson, the artist who drew the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. Learning Spanish isn't easy, but he's getting lots of help. His companion and another elder in the district both had several years of Spanish in school, so he's got some personal tutors!

Here's a great excerpt from his letter. Note that he typically uses smiley faces for punctuation.
Yes I'm loving the MTC ☺ I love the spirit here. The people. Occasionally the food haha. But yeah it's awesome. ☺ Going to the temple is fun ☺ The classes are way fun. My favorites are Tuesday nights and gym. Tuesday nights we have devotionals and last week Elder Perry came! It was AMAZING!
It's great to hear him talk so positively. Here's another very Matt-like comment:
Oh one more thing. Elder Callis and I love learning random phrases, like "Frijoles Cheverre" ("cool beans!") and my favorite "¿Que la carne de vaca?" ("What the meat of a cow" or "WHAT THE BEEF??") haha So yeah that's been way fun.
Does that sound like classic Matt or what??

He asks us to send everyone his love. He's received some wonderful, supportive letters and will reply when he can. Thanks for your faith and prayers on his behalf!!

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