Friday, April 3, 2009

MTC Update 4/3/09

We were thrilled to receive an email from Elder Kenison today! Missionary email accounts are generally for communication with family members, so he won't be sending emails to his many friends (though he would probably like to). But we're thrilled that we'll get more prompt communication from him on p-days now.

The biggest change this week is that Matt's companion, Elder Ormsbee, left for Guatemala. He only stayed in the Provo MTC for three weeks before moving on to his mission assignment. I know Matt will miss him; they got along great and he was a good support to Matt. He is now in a 3-some with Elder Zmoos from Iowa and Elder Van Buren from Ogden. That will be a different feeling! His new companions are both going to the Santiago West mission. Two others in the district are also headed there, and one each to Concepcion and Antofagasta missions in Chile.

Matt took an excursion to our dentist in Orem this week (under the care of the MTC). Bonnie might have preferred to take him to the appointment, but the MTC didn't offer that option! He's had some sore teeth from dental work done just before he entered the MTC. We'll hope this will help. The dentist's office is a block away from where Grandma lives; it must have been an odd feeling for him to be "outside" the MTC for a bit.

Otherwise, all is well. Matt seems to have adjusted to the intense schedule, though he sounded happy to get an hour-long nap on p-day! He is learning and growing, and sends his love and appreciation to all his family and friends who support and pray for him.

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