Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16 update

Illness is a scourge of missionary work. It was a challenge this week for Elder Kenison and Elder Bench.
not much has happened this week. Really. Elder Bench has been sick. He has some sort of infection in his Nasal cavity or something. So we've been staying home since Wednesday. We go out to meetings and stuff but we can't do much else. Apparently he HAD the swine flue virus and so his immune system is really bad. So we have to stay inside so it doesn't get worse.
Also because it's been really really hot here and so we've been at home. I've been getting sick with something. Elder bench thinks it's the same thing. The only difference is that my immune system is fine so I should be able to get better quickly. Haha we've been sleeping a lot but always wake up sweating. Haha it's been a pretty crazy week.
In spite of the challengs, Elder Kenison finds the "silver lining":
elder bench is awesome! Haha even though he's been sick we've gotten a lot done. So we'll be studying a lot this next week. So hopefully my Spanish improves.
And he also learned some of the realities of life:
One thing I got to do which made me really really grateful is that since elder bench can't leave, I haven't been able to pass by the Hermana's house who does my laundry (a different Hermana does elder Bench's). so… I washed it by hand. WOW was I tired after. Haha yestterday and today i've been sore haha so i'm really greatful for 1 the Hermana's and 2 washing machines. Haha :D
We'll hope for a better report next week!

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