Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2 update

Elder Kenison's new companion in Maipú is Elder Bench, from Ogden. According to this week's email,
he's an awesome elder. Sadly though i won't we able to send a picture. We're doing p-days a little different so... yeah i kinda don't have my stuff. Sorry. He was in the coast with me. (he was my zone leader) he's a really tall guy. Haha so you can check the pictures from that. I think i sent on of our zone where he has a hat on.
So we're guessing Elder Bench is the one standing in the back of this picture with a white t-shirt and a baseball cap (click on photo to enlarge):

We'll hope to get a better photo soon! Matt is eager to work with Elder Bench; he has commented that he really seems to want to work hard, which Matt loves. They are making sure to have good, positive interaction with the members. Elder Bench has only 2 1/2 months left on his mission - "So there is a chance that i'm his last companion haha."

They apparently celebrate Halloween in Chile in a similar fashion to the American custom. Matt noted one related experience:
Funny experiences haha well on halloween some lady yelled in spanish "hey look. Twins!" and she pointed at us. Haha elder bench and i laughed haha it was cool. We traded plaques for a little bit. But then thought about it and traded back. Haha
One final note. We asked if he thought he was gaining or losing weight.
I'm pretty sure i'm gaining weight. Haha and the beginning of last change i weighed myself. I was 75kilos. I don't know if that's more or less than 150 pounds. Haha but i know i'm a little bigger now haha.
Of course, 75 kilos is 165 pounds — so it sounds like Elder Kenison is putting on some bulk! That Chilean food must really agree with him.


  1. Good to know he is eating haha! Ask him what his favorite foods are.

  2. We've discussed that. They ate a lot more seafood on the coast, and more meat in his current area. From this week's email:

    Q: Have you had any interesting or different food lately?
    A: Not really. Just lost of spaghetti. Haha which is kinda annoying because it's hot food on a hot day. Haha sometimes we get ice cream as a dessert though :D