Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23 update

This week brought some sadness for Elder Kenison. His dear grandmother passed away last Tuesday, November 17. We called the mission office to ask them to pass on the news. Matt was very close to this grandmother; they really loved each other, and had a sweet and precious relationship. She would constantly ask about him and his service — "How's my boy?" — and was delighted to hear that he is working hard and progressing in his mission.

The sister in the mission office said that President Jones would call him personally to share the news. This was his report of finding out:
well... i was in my pension when president called. he had been talking to elder bench, he is most likely going home problably the end of THIS week. so elder bench walked in and handed the phone to me. president said that it was never easy news to share but that grandma had passed away. i immediatly started bawling. he then asked me the perfect question. he said, with a voice that i knew he cared, "what was she like?" i told him a little. but when i mentioned the part about grandpa. he said "wow can you imagine that reunion? that would be incredible" it was a nice conversation.
one friday i came to the office with elder bench so he could see the doctor. and Hermana Gonsalez walked up to me and said. "how are you doing?" she told me that she had received the call. it was nice to know that there are people here who care. it's been a hard week i won't lie. but i've had LOTS of help. it's been really hard to take my spirits down this week. which has been an interesting experience. i'm definatly being helped, by more people than just Grandma :)
Meanwhile, the work continues. It sounds like Elder Bench's problem will require him to return a little early and Matt will be getting a new companion. Meanwhile:
well i got the infection that elder bench had. only it wasn't as bad for me because my immune system isn't shot. but we've had another week in our house. we worked quite a bit though. it was hard haha for both of us but we taught a couple of people. and knocked about 400 houses haha no luck though
As for his best investigator now, the Familia Fuentes
they're doing good. they didn't come to church yesterday for some reason :( not good. but they're progressing. the grandmother and grandson said that they both have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. (well Libro de Mormon) so yeah it's good
God bless you, Elder Kenison! Get healthy, and keep working hard! And know that your Grandma is watching out for "her boy"!!

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  1. It sounds like he has a sweet mission president. That is the perfect question to ask--"What was she like?" Our thoughts and prayers are with Matt.