Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12 update

We had two days of email this week! On Monday, Elder Kenison was online for a short time to answer a couple of questions and then inform us that he had an activity for the rest of the day and had permission to write more on Tuesday. So we were doubly-blessed to hear from him this week!

Elder Kenison and Elder Alonzo seem to really get along well, and are continuing to work hard in Maipú. Things are looking up:
we've gotten some new investigators. And we've been able to stop by to see several people. :D it's been a crazy but we're starting to teach more and more people as they're starting to come home from vacations :D so it's going good. :D
Transfers are coming next week, and there is a chance Elder Kenison will be moved; but he really hopes to stay longer with Elder Alonzo. We asked about his feelings about the transfer, or "changes" as they call them, and whether he was worried that he might be moved:
I'm not worried. I just don't want to. I mean change is always hard. But really it's like... elder Alonzo and I just have barely started to get to know everyone in our ward, ex: inactives, members, less actives etc... and i just don't want to leave and have elder Alonzo have to start that all over again. Haha but The Lord knows what's best so if I'm supposed to leave. I'll go. Haha (not that i have much of a choice haha)
We were also thrilled to get some nice photos. This one was labeled "wonderful P-day eating my peaches and cream. haha"

This one had the caption, "some of the houses in our area. (this is the rich part by the way haha. no really it is)"

Here are the two elders posing along a railroad track:

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