Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4 update

Elder Kenison seemed to enjoy his first South American Christmas. His summary of Chilean celebrations:
They had lights and stuff here the only difference is that it was really REALLY hot haha.
He has mentioned several times that he misses snow, and asked us to send him a photo of Utah snow so he wouldn't forget it. We sent him one that shows our front yard piled pretty deep, and told him that Dad misses his help in the job of shoveling!

The missionary work has been pretty challenging during the holiday season.
EVERYONE is gone. Or on vacation. Stuff like that. It's been crazy. Lots of knocking. haha
Well we found 12 new investigators this week :D but we haven't been able to pass by again yet. We have appointments with them this next week haha so hopefully it works out better
Matt mentioned in our Christmas phone call that he has a sore tooth. We encouraged him to see a dentist as soon as possible. We received an email this week from the mission secretary explaining the process and costs. But in his email, he said he had not been able to get an appointment yet. We hope he'll do that this week.

This photo might give an indication of part of the problem. It shows some of the candy he received in Christmas packages. No wonder he's getting cavities!! :)

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