Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18 update

Elder Kenison turned TWENTY years old this past week! It sounds like the day didn't go by unrecognized. His Mom had sent him an American cake mix and frosting, so he could prepare his own celebration. But he also reports:
Haha we had lunch with Familia Gonzalez (they're a really good family) and when we passed by for a appointment with Valerie and her family they had a cake ready and started singing. Haha it was pretty cool.
Apparently Valerie and her sister Fabiola are children of a family the elders have just started working with. The parents have not been active in the Church for some time but are now progressing well, and the missionaries are teaching the two daughters.

Among the gifts he received:
A little stuffed monkey from Familia gonzalez. Haha Elder Aloonzo gave me a jar of nutella haha and yeah. I loved the ties. Haha and the cake was good :D thanks :D
He also celebrated the day by going to the dentist and discovering 4 cavities (how fun). He said the dentist's office was very clean and modern, just like back home — that was reassuring! Two of the cavities will be filled this week, and two next week.

Transfers occurred in the mission this week, and Matt was afraid he would be leaving. He really hoped to stay in his area with Elder Alonzo for another period; he felt they had some good momentum and prospects, and wanted to stay and see some of the fruits of that work. He reported:
Haha i don't have changes. Haha WAHOO!!! And neither does Elder Alonzo. So we'll be companions for another 6 weeks :D
The email was short and there were no new photos today. But here's one from last week:

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