Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1 update

Elder Kenison has been in Chile for almost nine months. He commented,
it's crazy to think about haha but time flies when you're havin' fun (¿es cierto?) haha
We've decided that Chile must be the vacation capital of the world. Christmas vacation caused some challenges, and now all of their best investigators are gone again.
The hard part is that right now everyone is on summer break. and so everyone is gone. EVERYONE! our attendence in church went from about 70-80 to about upper 40's lowers 50's. haha
So Elder Kenison and Elder Alonzo are doing the best they can, and hoping for better weeks to come!

Meanwhile, it sounds like Matt had fun at the dentist this past week (this photo was from the dentist visit when he was in the MTC, just a few months ago!). Matt was able to get two of his cavities filled, and should have the additional two or three more done this coming week.
About the dentist… haha not much is different… he has MUCH better music. But really the biggest difference is that there is only one chair. Not like 10. but it was really professional. And the numbing didn't stay as long. Haha and the greatest is that the little cotton swab they put in your mouth so you can't feel the shot as much. Haha it was GOOD. Like minty. Not like some fruity fake taste haha kinda crazy :D
Well, that's a cultural experience we weren't expecting to be part of his time in Chile. We sure hope these visits will be enough to last him until he gets back to Utah!!

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