Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22 update

We asked Elder Kenison to tell us a little more about the baptism of Yubomir that occurred last week, since it appeared he was the one who performed the baptism. He responded:
Hahaha yeah It was awesome :D haha I actually memorized the prayer when I was in Cartagena. Haha and his middle name was Albert (pronounced in English) so that made it easy haha afterwards was kind of funny. Talking about how he's clean from sin. Haha and then when we left they walked into Lider (a supermarket) haha and Yubomir said. "well bye elders I'm going to commit my first sin" haha it was funny haha but yeah all was good. Kinda hard not to laugh while we were in the font because Yubomir is hilarious.
They recently had a visit to the mission of Elder Carlos Amado of the Seventy.
we had a fireside the other day :D haha it was awesome! Elder Amado came (he spoke in the last conference) haha the fireside lasted for 7 hours haha President Jones and Hermana Jones gave a little talk for about 30-40 minutes each. And the rest was Elder Amado. Haha it was AMAZING! We just asked lots of questions :D haha he ended up teaching us about how we can be active members for our whole life. He said L.O.M.A. - Leer Orar Meditar Asistir. Or (read pray meditate and assist. Assist meaning assist [attend] Church to take the sacrament.)
He also told us that taking the sacrament is not a miniature baptism it is simply a covenent to have the spirit with you. To repent we should pray and repent before hand kinda interesting. Because really the sacrament prayer doesn't say anything about repenting. Just keeping his name to be with us. At least that's what I got out of it.
This is a photo of part of the mission with Elder Amado. Click to see the enlarged version, and then find Elder Kenison!

We learned on Sunday that President MacArthur (see last week) was asked this week to serve in the Antofagasta mission instead of Santiago West. We were a little disappointed, since we had heard such good things about him. So we are not sure who Matt's new president will be in July! I'm sure we'll find out eventually, and I'm sure he'll be great.


  1. Found him, something about the tie gave him away. Glad to hear he is doing well. Seeing that picture of Elder Amado reminds me of a zone conference we had with him in which he shut the doors on all the missionaries who were late.

  2. Not just the tie, but the happy stance -- that's our guy!

  3. Elder Amado is a captivating speaker. I'm sure Matt really enjoyed it. He came to speak multiple times to the missionaries of Uruguay.

    I don't remember doors being shut on late missionaries... but I do remember long lines to get to the bathroom during the mid-conference break.