Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15 update

Elder Kenison and Elder Alonzo were blessed this past week to share in a baptism of a young man whom we know as Yubomir. He has been attending Church and participating for some time, including graduating from Seminary; but the local members apparently didn't realize he had never been baptized. He was taught and interviewed, and the baptismal service was held on Sunday. The first photo shows Elder Alonzo, Yubomir's mom (who is a member, we think), Yubomir, and Matt; then just Yubomir and Matt. Though he didn't say so, we're inferring from the dress that Matt must have performed the baptism! (Click on each photo to see larger version.)

Back in December, Matt had told us about a previous baptism, the son of a less-active family. He sent an update today about that situation, which was touching:
Elder Alonzo and I baptized a boy named Alfonso back in December. a friend of his baptized him. because the dad couldn't. At the baptism, the time after the actual baptism, the dad played some hymns on the clarinet. it was really cool. after some time Alfonso entered and his dad said. ''ok and one special hymn'' he played one more hymn. I remember looking over at Alfonso and his mom. The mom was holding her son. the dad apparently looked too because he stopped playing and started to cry. Alfonso walked over and sat next to his dad. his dad finished the hymn and hugged Alfonso. it as an amazing sight to see the Baptism of his son bring this family together.
More to the story was yesterday. Alfonso received the Priesthood. the bishop picked a ward member to help with the ordinance. and then he paused. I saw him look up and nod at someone sitting behind me. After a bit. the dad of Alfonso walked up and put his hands on the head of his son to help with the ordinance. It was an amazing sight. this family, especially the dad, had been inactive for a while. but the son went to ward activities and such. The baptism of Alfonso really brought this family together :D haha it was amazing :D
This past week, the missionaries received an email with information about their new mission president, who will be coming to the mission at the beginning of July. We had learned earlier in the week about the new president — James MacArthur, who is a resident of Orem, just a few miles from our home. We've been pleased to talk to a number of people who know the MacArthurs, and who say they are wonderful people who will be a real blessing to the mission. Sister MacArthur served a mission in Chile, and Brother MacArthur also served a Spanish-speaking mission. So it sounds like they are ready to go! We found out on Sunday that one of their married daughters recently moved into our ward, so we'll enjoy getting to know her better.

Matt has really been blessed to work with President Jones, so we hope this transition will be good for him. Based on all we hear about President MacArthur, we're sure it will be great.


  1. LOVE the two baptism stories. This is what you want your missionary to experience, isn't it?

  2. He looks so happy in these pictures. What a blessing for him and your family to have him serving so faithfully. :)