Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12 update

Our communication from Elder Kenison was pretty brief this week.  Apparently they had a district soccer activity in the morning on P-day which took extra time.  It also made him forget his photo adaptor so we didn't get any new pictures.  :(

Some progress on investigators.  We asked about Mariela and got this response:
yeah we passed by and taught her and she said. "so what do my son and I have to do to get baptized?" haha we we surprised haha but we told her that she needs to come to church :D she didn't come yesterday but we have a "cita" to pass by with a member tomorrow :D
This was the rest of the summary of progress:
well we're working with A LOT of less actives. (well in-active members) because there aren't many members without calling in our ward and there is a huge need for more leaders. (like one to help us. haha) so hopefully we'll get some people active. recently we've been working a lot with a guy named Luigi. we've been trying to get him to church. he told us he'd come but he didn't :( we passed by and i asked him, "where were you at 10:00 this morning?" and he looked us straight in the face and said,"i´m sorry I was sleeping." he then commited to feel better. i could tell he didn't feel great but hopefuly he'll go :D all we did is say "hey, le quiero mucho amigo, no se precupe. estamos luchando con usted :D" hopefully things get better. :D
Meanwhile, one of the recent highlights relates to other recent converts:
well. last sunday i had the pleasure of having Gabriel give me the sacrament. haha and also hear that Ayram is the President for the Laurel class haha

Finally, we asked about Elder Balling — how are they alike, how are they different?
like me. well we both can't speak english. haha it's kind of funny. for differences. for Spanish my problem is grammar, for him it's pronunciation. haha but he's amazing at grammar and thanks to elder Tucto i'm "mas-o-menos" at pronunciation. but we've been helping each other out. one big difference is like our high school life. he was the guy who took 5 AP classes (and aced all the tests haha) and I... I regretfully, did only what i needed to or wanted to do. haha but because he took those classes he knows ALOT about like chemistry. haha needless to say i've learned a lot from, how bombs work, to why the moon stays where it is. haha (gravitacional lock) haha kinda crazy. haha
Glad they've been discussing such important matters!!

Since there were no photos this week, we'll share a previous one. Classic Matt creativity... (click to enlarge)


  1. Great photo. I love the gentle, loving response to the guy who slept through church.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Elder Balling is so grateful for your son. Let him know how much we appreciate his listening ear. angie & Scott

  3. I guess his continuation on from the evolution photo shows he's not spending much time at the computer. haha I love his style.