Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26 update

It was "one of those weeks" for Elder Kenison and Elder Balling.  Unfortunately, Matt's companion was sick most of the week, so their activities were pretty curtailed.
we've been inside ALL WEEK. so not much working. we studied a lot and did a lot of stuff at home but not much tracting.
Based on our experience from last year, the winters in Santiago can be a challenge for the elders.  The colder temperatures, frequent rainfall, and other conditions often weaken their resistance.  Although, given the weather forecast for the coming week in the attached graphic, they should have a good chance to recover!

Some "investigator updates" from the few excursions they made:
we passed by for Carlos again and he wasn't there. his wife was though and we set a time to pass by. haha hopefully we can talk to both of them.
we passed by for Marianela and she wasn't there. :( we passed by with a member too. haha but we set another cita with her son so hopefully we can find her. or if not haha teach her son
well shirley was at church yesterday. haha :D she's officially active :D WOOT! Ulices has an almacen (little store) and so we've been passing by and buying bread at night. haha it's been the only time that we leave. haha
We wish Elder Balling a speedy recovery (Matt did say he's much better today), and a more productive week for the elders in Las Industrias!

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