Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19 update

We always ask Elder Kenison to share the best experience of the week.
umm... that's so hard to say... probably church. when LOTS of people came to church. not like a lot of people in general but just people who haven't been in a while. :D it was awesome! i'll tell more about them next week.
He did let us know that one of those who came was Luigi, whom he mentioned last week as one they really were working closely with.  They were very excited to see him in the meetings this week!  Or as Matt expresses it,
YES HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D HAHA it was amazing :D
We were pleased to get some nice photos that tell a little more about their experiences.  Here's a photo of Elder Kenison visiting a member — Hermana Elena.  When they arrive for a visit, she has the table set and according to Elder Kenison eventually served them about 10 sandwiches before they could get away.  Typical of the faithful members in Latin America!

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, this is what Matt fixes for himself for lunch.  On the left is a concoction affectionally called "Ale Ramen" in honor of Matt's "Brazilian sister" who taught him to make this flavorful noodle dish.  On the right is a kind of "smoothie":
yogurt, milk, a banana, and an apple blended together. haha YUM haha

Elder Kenison and Elder Balling have worked in their spare time to clean up and improve their "pension" or apartment.
this room has no window and before it didn't have light. haha it's really small, which is perfect for studying in the morning because it's easy for the heater to make it really warm really fast haha.  (p.s. i cheated and cleaned my side before the picture.) also we call it our "chilean room" note the flag on the ceiling

They also did some work in the bathroom.
the shower head that we used to not have. haha there was just a hole in the wall. haha and the hot water thing doesn't work. haha now it does. haha all thanks to an hermano (brother) in our ward to fixed it :D

Last week, we found out the address of the "pension" where Elder Kenison and Elder Balling are living in Las Industrias, and were able to locate it on Google Maps.  Here are some photos showing more detail - click to view enlargements.  The first is a view of the whole metropolitan area of Santiago; the little red "A" marks where they are working.

 This map shows the "sector" or area assigned to the elders:

And this closeup shows their actual street and apartment!  If we try hard, we can almost imagine seeing the missionaries walking down the street...

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  1. I like the aerial photos and the Ale Ramen. Nice update.