Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16 update

It's that time again — "changes" for Elder Kenison!  He learned today that he will be transferred to a new area in the next few days, but doesn't know where yet.  And so, that means we won't know until next Monday!  We'll be very eager for next Monday's email.  We asked what he would miss about Las Industrias:
the people, the people and more the people. haha oh and being close to a huge mall that we can go to every monday. haha
In addition to "changes" this week there will be a special mission conference that will be held next Saturday.  All the missionaries from both the Santiago West and Rancagua missions will be meeting with Elder Richard G. Scott.  Matt is very excited!

Elder Balling is STILL not back to full strength - poor guy!  We hope he'll be much better soon.  The elders have continued to work as they could, and rest and study in between.  This was the latest update about Marienela, one of their favorite investigators, who is struggling with a very busy life:
yeah really it's her younger son. hes in a wheelchair and sundays are HIS days really. so his dad (who doesn't live at home) comes down and spend the day with them. so, she said that its really out of her control but that she'd ask her "husband" if they could start the day in the afternoon at like 1 or 2. when church gets over. :D hopefully she asked :D
In anticipating "changes" this week, Elder Kenison wrote:
right now i'm just a little nervous for changes. at the rate that President King is going this may be my last area :D please pray that i get a good area :D like meaning a hard one so i'll learn a lot. :D haha my goal is to see a ward change. the one here is SLOWLY doing it. but if i'm going to be in my next area for a long time i'll have time to figure everything out, follow the spirit and hopfully work hard so that i end my mission (in chile because my mission will continue on forever.) haha
We love the attitude of eagerness to work and serve!  Matt has mentioned previously that he would love to go to the "campo" — the more remote areas away from the city and from the coast.  That would be nice for him to have that kind of opportunity.  With seven months to go, I'm not sure he'll have only a single area for the rest of the mission.  But we'll be eager to hear about his next opportunity!

Here's a photo from last week showing Elder Kenison in front of the Santiago Temple:

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