Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9 update

It was another tough week, as Elder Balling continues to work through his illness.  We asked Elder Kenison if he's being careful not to catch "the bug."
yup :D i'm good. eating a LOT of fruit. haha
Here's one experience from this week:
well recently i actually went on divisions with another elder. because elder Maldonado is also sick. so we stuck Elder Maldonado and Elder Balling in our pension and then Elder McMurray (a straight up baller from Washington State, see photo) and i worked in their area. and then two days later worked in Las Industrias. and we passed by for Marianela. the problem is that she does a lot and so Sunday is her only "free" day with her son. but we'll find a way to get her to go. haha she's awesome! and her son recently said that he's always wanted to be a member but hasn't had time. haha
Here's the photo of Elder Kenison and Elder McMurray:

Matt seems to be enjoying his new mission president:
we recently had a conference with him. it was AWESOME!!! haha he's been talking a LOT about the Book of Mormon. haha it's been really cool.
Here are a couple of photos Matt took at that conference with some of his former companions!  He really enjoyed the chance to see them again.

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