Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cartagena for real

We were finally able to track down Elder Kenison's email to us — only one day late. Hurray! And in the mean time, Bonnie was able to make contact with his companion's mother via a "missionary moms" email list she is on. So we have lots of additional info!

Elder Kenison and Elder Mecham (from Arizona) are actually living in an apartment with two other elders: Elder McKay (from Idaho) and Elder Marquez (from Texas). That will be nice for Matt, to have the extra interaction. He says his companion is "really smart" — knows a lot about scriptures and the Church. He's been on his mission for 21 months (22 according to his mother). He did mention the fleas in the apartment... oh joy.

He says Cartagena is "an amazing place" and he likes it a lot. The city is right on the ocean, and he says they have "GORGEOUS" sunsets (some of you know how Matt will appreciate that; his favorite photo subjects (other than girls) are sunsets and waterfalls). The city is "really humble" - a lower standard of living than he's used to. The homes he's seen were not very attractive outside, but are pretty nice inside. (The photo shown here is from the Internet; we hope to get some pictures from Matt next week.)

The ward where they serve had 78 people in attendance on Sunday, of which 3 were investigators. That's a good start! He said the building is small and simple, with just chairs set up for the chapel (no permanent benches).

Final comments from Matt in this letter:
I'm so glad that I'm serving a mission!!! haha I LOVE CHILE!!!!! p.s. soup is good haha they have A LOT of that here. with chicken and potatoes. So everytime I eat I think of grandma because of the potatoes.
And one last thing to share. Elder Mecham's mother said her son wrote this to her about Matt:
It does feel really good to have a companion who is excited to work. I was trying to keep positive all last change, but it was really starting to get to me. Anyways, I was just meaning to say that it is really fun to have a companion who wants to work and helps you do it to the most of his ability. We've had the spirit strong with us in many lessons.
If that doesn't warm a parent's heart, I don't know what will!


  1. I knew a Mecham from Arizona at BYU-H, I believe, although that's been a "couple" of years ago. Fun to see him excited.

  2. I love that last comment from the companion. How wonderful!